Master Cleanse – Day Two

May 18th, 2011 Comments Off on Master Cleanse – Day Two

Today was great!  I felt good and surprisingly, I didn’t feel very hungry.  I noticed I would begin to think about food but I would easily move my thinking to something else.  The body sensations were not bad.  I would notice rumblings in the abdominal area and I felt weak a couple of times but I didn’t resist them.  I allowed my belly to rumble and when I felt weak I drank some more lemonade for energy.  I pulled to the foreground of my mind the parts of my body that felt good, even great, and focused on that.  Very quickly, the symptoms that some would call adverse passed away as quickly as I noticed them.  Yea!

I cut my usual 3 1/2 to 4 mile evening walk down to about 3 miles. . . my 10 year old son that was walking with me had a sore throat and wanted to come home early. . . funny how an excuse to conserve my energy was conveniently provided.   I kept up with my daily duties and wasn’t tempted even one time to eat anything.  I even stayed up until midnight and watched a movie with my husband and read for a while before going to sleep. I felt energetic, wholesome and very healthy today.  Lighter, I would say, even though the scale says I lost only one pound as of bedtime.

I have tried the cleanse in the past.  A very long time ago, when I was in high school in fact, I did the cleanse with my late mother.  We lasted, I think, for three days.  It felt like an eternity to me then.  We quickly got off of it together on day four and made a soup with everything we had on hand.  It was the most delicious food I ever tasted at the time.  A raw green bean looked good to me that day.  Looking at a raw potato even looked divine.  I don’t know if I still lacked the maturity to realize what the cleanse was doing for me or if I was just doing it to please my mom, but I only lasted three days.

I tried it again about three years ago.  I lasted not even a day and by the end of day one, was cooking a big dinner for myself.  Don’t know what happened there.  Guess I needed to do the soul cleansing first.

In in case, I feel great now.  I can already feel the benefits of giving my body a break.  The energy that my body usually uses to digest the southern cooking that I love to create is being used to cleanse.  The creative energy that I so often channel into cooking is now being utilized for my writing and painting and of course, creating the best fasting lemonade EVER!!!  ha!

I am looking forward to day three.  I am not dreading it at all.  It is as much a test to the power of my thought patterns as it is a bodily cleanse.  For now, I am passing both with flying colors as far as I am concerned.  We’ll see what Day three brings.

Day Three

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