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I just learned about Artist Trading Cards and how to make them.  In short, it is a 2 1/2 in. by 3 in card you can either cut yourself or buy precut in a craft store.  You design your art on the card using any medium you wish and then trade them with others.  It’s as simple as that.

Wiki How has a great step by step guide to show you how to do this here:

What I love about this is that we don’t try to be perfect or get anything “right”.  We just have fun and let the creative juices flow.  It’s nice because it is just a small sampling of the art that you like to produce.  The size alone makes it a reasonable activity to do in just a few minutes.

Here are a few of the ones we’ve done.  Cameron likes using colored pens and I like using watercolor paint.  Jessica will use whatever is available.

We’ll be going to the We Shine Unschooling conference in New York in a few days and have packed up our ATC’s to trade with new friends.  If you trade, be sure to write your name and email or website on the back!  Have fun!

Cameron’s ATC Cards (He LOVES Minecraft, so that’s what his pictures are about)



My ATC Cards:



Jessica’s ATC’s:



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