Hacking a Full Time Vacation

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We all love a vacation, don’t we? I wonder why this is?

For me, vacation was always an escape from “real” life. A chance to relax from the hum drum day to day. But a few years ago, I got to thinking. Why am I living a life that I need a vacation from? Why am I doing things most of my waking hours that I don’t want to do?

Answering these questions has been a process. If you’ve read any other post on my blog you know we’ve quit quite a few things in recent years. Little by little we have eliminated things and activities that we just don’t enjoy, including school, jobs, home ownership and other things. My family has put more focus on the things and activities that we truly enjoy doing. We want to create a life that doesn’t require vacation time. We want a life that feels like a never ending holiday.

We’ve been living at the beach for two months now. We still don’t know where we’ll go next, if anywhere. We may stay right where we are for some time. Our days have been full of work (online work and my husband travels the hour and a half back to our home town to visit customers once a week), yoga, ocean swims, sunrise/sunset watching, playing games with our boys, shooting baskets, cooking good food, visiting farmers markets, playing with our dogs, Cocoa and Ginger and staring out at the ocean for inspiration. Even though we are working, we are doing work we love and so it doesn’t FEEL like work. And we’re living where we want to live and can take our work with us. That’s the kind of life we’ve been aiming for and we are believing and having faith that we can continue indefinitely.

So, what has been my process? How did this all start for me? Here are some of thing things that I have implemented into my life to begin creating a day to day existence that I don’t need a vacation from.

  • I accepted my life as it was and still do every day.
  • I acknowledged the absolute abundance in my life.
  • I cultivated skills in the areas I’m passionate about
  • I became open and believed in unexpected income.
  • I learned to trust and have faith in the universal flow.
  • I came to believe we were put on earth to enjoy it and more importantly to bring joy to it.
  • I learned to take chances.
  • I quit automatically believing what I was told.
  • I cultivated intuition and the inner voice.
  • I learned to truly give from the heart.

As I have practiced these divine truths, it became easier and easier to let go of old habits that kept me living a life that wasn’t fulfilling. Slowly but surely over a period of years, life became more like a vacation and less like a daily grind.

I truly believe we came here to be joyful and to bring that joy into the world. Everyone is born with something to give but so many of us have had that gift squashed right out of us.

Hack a full time vacation by living more from your center. Start small and let the inner guide rise up with its gifts and flow into your life. It can be scary at times because it challenges everything we’ve ever been taught, but in the end, living a fulfilling life is like being on an eternal vacation. And if we’re honest with ourselves, that is what we’re all after.

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