Minecraft Designs How-To – A Book Review

June 3rd, 2013 Comments Off on Minecraft Designs How-To – A Book Review

Instant Minecraft Design How to


Have you or your kids ever been on a Minecraft multiplayer server that sported very LARGE cities, monuments, sophisticated road systems and amazing architectural structures? Have you ever wondered how in the world they ever built all of that?

If your answer was yes, you may enjoy reading and implementing the suggestions in the book titled Minecraft Designs How To, by Mephisto Waltz. This 76 page book will walk you through a few basic steps that will have you building huge cities and structures in no time.

The author of this book is an avid gamer. His bio describes him as follows:

“Mephisto Waltz is a passionate gamer who has been involved in high-level gaming in almost every genre. He’s been playing Minecraft since it was released as a public beta. When not playing in creative mode on his own server, he can often be found on a multiplayer survival server. It’s here that he has been known to make impressively large structures only days before the server map is reset. He has a great love of all things design related, including architecture, and this is reflected in his Minecraft buildings.

Mephisto runs his own web and graphic design firm and has over 10 years of experience in the field. He is based in Queensland, Australia, but works with clients world-wide.”

In his book,Walz describes two different Minecraft mods that are fairly easy to install. He expertly walks the reader through finding these mods, installing them and implementing them on a server. After that, the book moves on with tutorials on how to build some pretty awesome and creative architecture.

Waltz explains in easy to read text how to build four different structures, using the mods that he suggests. Starting with a beginner level Tudor style house, he describes in detail how to build something that your friends won’t believe is beginner level at all.

He moves on to teach you how to create a couple of intermediate structures and then ends with a complex Futuristic City. With Waltz’s help, your Minecrafter will gain the skills to be building beautiful architecture on his/her own in no time.

My kids have spent so much time on YouTube watching tutorials and instructions on how to get mods and build structures. Some of them work…and some just don’t. This book will give you precise instructions on how to download the mods THE FIRST TIME and get them installed right. The structures that he walks you through building will give your Minecrafter the confidence to take the game to a new level.

Minecraft Designs How To is published by PACT Publishing. You can find their website featuring more books on web development, open source, programming and more here. Order the ebook there or on Amazon.


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