Minecraft Birthday Party

April 20th, 2013 Comments Off on Minecraft Birthday Party

My son loves Minecraft…. No… He REALLY LOVES Minecraft.

My son Caleb, Calebii01 on Minecraft, plays multiplayer with several people around the country and they talk while they play via Skype. Most of his online friends he met on Unschooling Gamers.

On his 10th birthday, he was wishing we could invite all of his Skype Minecraft friends to his real birthday party.

Well…we couldn’t do that, but we could invite them to an online party on Minecraft.  So that’s what we did. With Cake, fireworks and even Creepers. We did it up right!

On his birthday, we set a time and invited everyone that he knew that played Minecraft onto our Minecraft server. A couple of his friends from Portugal got to stay up late to participate.

His older brother had prepared ahead of time for the occasion. Following is the result of that party. Be sure and read the chats.

Minecraft User Names:  I’m momcraft01. His Dad is Stacy_C. His brother is Camii01. My husband edited this down to a 4 minute video but the actual party lasted about an hour.

Caleb had such a great time and all of the kids that joined us said it was the best birthday party every.

Hope you enjoy. Have you had an inspirational idea for your kids birthday party? If you have, please tell me about it.


Caleb’s Minecraft Party from Stacy Conaway on Vimeo.

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