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April 29th, 2012 Comments Off on Drop Box

This is such an awesome technology.  I am by no means a “techie” but luckily my husband is and found Dropbox.

It is a “cloud” service where you can upload files to the cloud and it serves as a backup. You can also share files with friends and family.  Happy Day! No more emailing files back and forth. All you do is save your files to a Dropbox folder and you can share it with anyone you invite to that shared folder.

The service is free. There is an upgrade you can purchase but I have found that what they give away is sufficient for my needs.  My husband has purchased the upgrade. You can earn more free space by inviting friends to Dropbox. My husband talks more about Dropbox from a “techie” perspective at his Blog.

As far as schooling goes, this has been great.  I purchased a Unit study from Currclick, but wanted to use it with both of my kids.  They each have their own laptop and since the Unit Study is so internet intensive, I wanted them to be able to have a copy of their own.  Dropbox to the rescue!

I just saved the Unit Study to the Dropbox folder, invited my boys to Dropbox, (got more space for myself), and voilà!  They both had their own copy of our Unit Study right on their own computers.

I have also shared files with friends.  Everything from podcasts to writings I’ve done, to music.  As long as you save it in your shared Dropbox folder whoever you invite has access to it.

I am such a sissy when it comes to new technology, but honestly this is so easy and so worth it!  I highly recommend it to anyone that ever purchases downloadable material for their kids.  It makes it easier, quicker and allows everyone to be on the same page. Literally!



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