Master Cleanse – Why I’m Doing It

May 17th, 2011 Comments Off on Master Cleanse – Why I’m Doing It

I was thinking today about this cleanse and what it represents for me.  I realized that for the past couple of years, I have done so much healing, releasing of old thought patterns and beliefs and generally cleaning up my life that it only makes sense that my body follow.  This cleanse for me is about having in alignment for myself mind, body and soul.

I realized before starting the cleanse that I would need to have my mind as my ally in order to get through it.  Hey, I like my food as much as the next girl, but I knew that my focus would need to move from eating to healing and releasing more junk from my life, in this case toxins and waste that have hung on for dear life in my physical body.  I realized that I would need to focus on the positive and not focus on the hunger pains.

I decided to give this cleanse as a gift to my body and to see it as such.  Just as the old thought and emotional patterns held on for dear life and DID NOT want to die, so it would be with the toxins in my body.  So, just as I healed emotionally and spiritually, I knew that I would have to allow the “pain” as the toxins died off,  and not resist it or focus on it so intently.  I just had to notice.  I just had to be present with myself and present with my body as it did its thing with the cleanse, knowing that the “pain” I might feel was just a feeling.  It was a release of the old and a renewing within the depths of my cells.  I had to embrace whatever came and make peace with it.  I had to refrain from complaining about it because I know that the complaining just feeds the thoughts, just as a donut would feed the toxins.

So, with this understanding, I have started the cleanse.  I told myself that I would stay on it for two days. . .but now I am thinking I will stay on it one day at a time.   Who knows?  I may make it the entire ten days.   I am feeling alive and energized and I am almost done with the second day.  Sure, thoughts of food dance through my head every once in a while, especially when I am preparing meals for my two boys, but I don’t let my focus linger too long.  I have felt weak a couple of times but when I ALLOW it and don’t resist it, it passes almost immediately.  I am happy to say that at the end of day two, I am feeling VERY good.  Mind, Body and Spirit are quickly aligning and it feels good.  It feels like life in its truest form.


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