Master Cleanse – Day Three

May 19th, 2011 Comments Off on Master Cleanse – Day Three

Welllll. . .I may have boasted about the ease of this cleanse a teensy bit too much yesterday.  Wow!  Day three did kick my booty for sure!  But, even though the temptation was almost insurmountable, I did NOT eat.

So, what happened?  What happened to my NOTICING but not ATTACHING onto thoughts?  What happened to ALLOWING whatever is happening to happen? I’m not completely sure, but I did notice around 1 p.m. that I began a downward spiral into being pissed off that I couldn’t have anything to eat, as if a gun were being pointed to my head.  Sometime when I was making lunch for the boys the thought “this looks good” coupled with the rumblings in my belly and the hint of a headache at the base of my neck turned things haywire in my brain.  “This looks good” turned to “It’s not fair that I have to cook this when I am fasting” to “Why do these darned kids have to eat anyway!”  I forgot to nip the thoughts in the bud at “this looks good”.

What I noticed as my thoughts began spiraling into a downward dive is that my body did as well.  I had aches and pains everywhere and I noticed that I was really focused on them.  I couldn’t seem to just allow them and go on, I had to get a little irritated, a little mad at everyone and a little sick of the fast.  I wanted to BLAME the fast!!!  I wanted to BLAME, period.  I forgot that this was a gift to myself.  I forgot that it was really healing my body.  I just wanted a bite of chicken, darn it!

Things simmered down a bit when I went to take myself a long hot bubble bath.  I took with me some herbal spearmint tea.  I soaked.  I allowed.  And, I felt much better.  I remembered the reasons for starting the fast.  I remembered that I love myself enough to abstain from food for a few days.   I thought about the benefits and how giving up would be having to start all over again.  I read anarticle about fasting and it’s benefits.  I re-motivated myself.  My thoughts simmered down.  I made peace with the fast again.

On day four, I plan to nip thoughts in the bud before I start following them down the seductive trail of despair.  I am a mom and my kids DO have the right to eat and they have the right to eat healthy meals.  I am the one that prepares them.  I MUST be around food during this fast.  That’s “what IS”.  That is what I am going to accept on Day four.  And my “thoughts” about “What Is” really mean nothing.  I AM doing this fast.  I AM giving this to myself as a gift.  My thoughts about it really have no relevance, so why follow them?

Day 4

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