Master Cleanse – Day One

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Day One – Master Cleanse

May 16, 2011

Today was fine.  I started out with the salt-water flush and then drank the lemonade and water throughout the day.  I caved at lunchtime, making my son pasta salad and automatically popped a bite in my mouth.  Aside from that I followed the Master Cleanse to the letter.  The key was not to beat myself up after that little habitual popping of my kid’s food into my mouth.  I forgave myself quickly, then guzzled another glass of lemonade.

I think to do a cleanse of this caliber requires more mind management than anything.  After reading several blog posts of people doing the cleanse, I realized that we do not die if we don’t eat for a few days.  Moms are doing it.  Over weight people are doing it.  If they can go 10 days without food, so can I. . . or at least I think I can. . . here on day 1.  Check back at around day 5 or 6 and see what tune I am singing at that point. . .Ha!

But seriously, I believe that it is only our THOUGHTS about what our body is doing during a cleanse that causes major problems and leads us back to our toxic eating and drinking habits.  We “think” we can’t take it.  We “think” it’s too hard.   We believe that the temptations around us are too great. And if we THINK it, it becomes our reality.  We can’t take it and it does become too hard and the temptations are magnified in our experience.  But if we can turn our thoughts around to beneficial thoughts, if we can love ourselves enough to KNOW how good we can feel if we release not only the toxic body fluids and who knows what else from our physical bodies but also the toxic thoughts from our minds, we become whole.

I think I have my mind around this.  I made hamburgers, chips and pasta salad for my kids for dinner and I took my mind elsewhere as I cooked, smelled and served the luscious meal to my boys.  My mind was on healing.  My mind was on the benefits that I AM ALREADY FEELING from this cleanse.  And guess what?  I wasn’t even tempted to smell the food, much less eat it.

I have read about many people who struggle the first few days on the cleanse, but I feel great tonight already.  Great energy.  I feel as though my body is lighter.  I feel the whole, natural benefits of a body that is cleansing itself.  How miraculous that with a little help from the mind, our bodies will heal themselves.  My mind is focusing on the abundant energy that my body wants to produce for me and not on the lack of food.  I’m counting on this attitude to sustain me during this cleanse.  It’s all in my mind in the first place.  My experience will be whatever my mind wants it to be.  Hopefully I will choose healing.

Day Two

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