Living in the Question – Taking our Freedom Back One Step at a Time

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Many years ago (nine to be exact), my family started questioning the norms of life. It started with schooling and compulsory education. Our oldest boy, Cameron, was in first grade and our younger son, Caleb, was getting ready to start kindergarten, but already attending a four day a week preschool. I was missing them. Cameron was having trouble in school. He hated it really. Bullies, Boredom and Bad Lunches. So, long story short, (if you want the long version of our school drop out phase read the whisper link) I heard a little whisper that said, take them out of school and keep them at home. I did. That was the beginning of freedom for our family.

As we began our homeschool journey we slowly started questioning everything else: Food, Religion, How Human beings Learn, Spirituality, Work, Home ownership and everything in between. We began to ask ourselves, “Why do we do the things we do?”

We discovered that most of what we were doing was because we were conditioned to do it…send kids to school, work jobs we didn’t like, buy the nice house, etc. The things we did weren’t really things we WANTED, they were what we were SUPPOSE to do. And we did, for many years.

This questioning opened up the world for us. And this new category on my blog (Stepping Into Freedom) will describe our journey and where it has led us. And you will walk with us as we decide what comes next. Because we don’t know. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

If you’d asked me ten years ago where I would be….I would have never in a million years guessed that we would be “homeless” living in a rented beach house indefinitely and figuring out what we want to do next. You see, we just sold our home of sixteen years and are currently staying at the beach in hopes of figuring out what comes next.

Beach House 5 Star

Do we want sell everything and travel the world? Should my husband try to keep building his business which would require us to move back to our hometown of 16 years? Should we live at the beach? Should we buy a “tiny” (or maybe not so tiny since there’s four of us) house? We’re living in the question of life and are ready for anything. Won’t you come along with us?

Tomorrow I will share what led us to our state of “homelessness” and why we are now living at the beach. A deluxe beach house, I might add that we managed to manifest out of shear intention. Hope to see you tomorrow! In the meantime, I’ll be sitting in my new office on the beach.

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