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I’ve wanted to write more post about our unschooling lifestyle, but just haven’t made the time for it lately.  So I decided to write a few words and phrases that came to mind as our unschooling life continues to unfold.  Maybe it will be inspiration for further post down the road.

Unschooling for me, in this present moment is:

Letting go

Living in the moment

Loving life as it comes

Not trying to MAKE things happen

Getting into the flow

Letting go of doctrine

Letting go of old beliefs

Believing in the Magic of Life

Allowing myself and my kids to be WHO we are

Allowing myself and my kids to express what is within us (even when it’s uncomfortable for me)

Allowing Life to Unfold as it Unfolds

Letting go of Knowing

Living in the Question

Asking Questions

Being then Doing

Playing More, working Less

Questioning my thoughts, my agendas, my way of looking at things

Seeing from a broader prospective

Letting go of Judgment

Embracing Peace not problems

Embracing Gentleness

Realizing there are NO Problems, only situations

Trusting that life is always as it should be in this moment.

There are probably a thousand other ways I could express our always unfolding unschooling life.  Words really don’t do it justice.

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